If you do not take sufficient care of your oral cavity microbes start to accumulate there. They are responsible for many potential problems. In this situation saliva plays a crucial role. Saliva especially stagnates below the incisors which finally lead to tartar – due to the load of microbial biofilm. Microbes are not inactive but they produce a whole bunch of compounds and enzymes which break down tooth enamel and furtherly enable the proliferation of microbes. There is an important role of pH. Acidic pH damages tooth enamel which is even more vulnerable for microbial activity. Aggregation of all of these factors lead to inflammation and bleeding of the gums.



– Bleeding when brushing
– Redness of the gums
– Pockets with abscesses and microbes that arise at the junction of the teeth and gums
– Sensitive gums and and teeth to touch

Inflammation of gums with bleeding


Inflammation can be transmitted by saliva, teeth brush and other items that can be used for oral hygiene.



Poor oral hygiene, stress, weakened immune system due to lack of rest, poor and irregular diet are the most common triggers of inflammation. Inflammation can also occur due to contact with non-indigenous bacteria when traveling to other continents and countries.
Patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, cancer, HIV infection, cardiovascular disease) have higher risk of inflammation of the gums, which are more vulnerable due to a weakened immune system. It is precisely these people often find themselves in a vicious circle, because inflamed gums, hidden tooth decay, infection with the fungus Candida albicans, contribute to worse state of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Thus, patients with chronic diseases should especially well monitor the condition of the oral cavity and strive for regular preventive measures and hygiene.



In addition to careful oral hygiene, we should pay attention to a micro-environment of the oral cavity. By choosing the right healthy food, which is predominantly alkaline and unprocessed food (particularly fruit and vegetables, avoid fried food, meat, dairy products), avoiding smoking, stress, get sufficient rest; these are all factors that contribute to healthy micro-environment. It is good to avoid the above-mentioned risk factors, in particular to healthy eating and drinking enough water.
It is very important to first take care of good oral hygiene and make use of products that facilitate inflammation (mouthwash, etheric oils, tea).



OROXID is a unique medical solution which is used for maintaining an excellent oral hygiene, healthy gums and to help in inflammatory conditions of the oral cavity. It is recommended to be used as supplementary oral hygiene for fixed dental appliances, partial dentures, fixed prosthetic substitutes (crowns, bridges) and implants. OROXID can help to prevent the formation of plaque, tooth discoloration and bad breath. It also helps in reducing deposits on the tongue and oral mucosa. It improves the results of oral hygiene in people with orthodontic irregularities which limit normal dental hygiene.

OROXID forte (solution or spray) is intended for intensive oral hygiene and the prevention and alleviation of periodontal tissue diseases as irritated, inflamed and bleeding gums. It helps to relieve symptomps of gingivitis, periodontitis, or inflammation of the gums due to injuries or surgeries such us tooth extraction.

OROXID sensitiv (solution or spray) is designed for a daily oral hygiene. It is suitable for prolonged use and for the people with sensitive oral mucous membrane. It is recommended as a daily oral hygiene especially in people who are prone to inflammatory changes in the oral cavity (smokers, patients with diabetes, individuals with weakened immune systems, etc.).

Use OROXID two to three times a day, preferably during or after brushing your teeth. You can use it also whenever you need it.
OROXID spray: spray the solution into the oral cavity with 3 to 4 pumps of the spray, gargle it for about 30 seconds and spit it out. OROXID mouthwash: pour approximately 20 ml of liquid (content of two cups) in to a glass, gargle it for about 30 seconds and spit it out.


OROXID is an innovative medical product for daily or intensive oral hygiene and gum care. It does not contain chlorhexidine and alcohol, and is also suitable for children and people with sensitive oral mucosa.

It brings a new mechanism and principle of effectivity, on the base of active oxygen substances, which selectively remove harmful microorganisms, oxygenate, regenerate and heal oral mucosa and gums. The active form of oxygen is released in form of tiny bubbles, which you can feel as a mild foaming in the mouth. Release of active oxygen and the phenomenon of foaming contribute to the mechanical cleaning and removal of bacterial lesions, abscesses and deposits on the tongue.


OROXID helps with bleeding and inflammation of gums